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Join us at Sweet Forest Breeze!

Discover the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern comfort as we reimagine the iconic 1970's Cook Forest Inn.


Act I: Unveiling Our Revamped Motel Rooms

Our newly renovated rooms are now open for overnight guests! Experience modern comfort in the forest with a wink to the past in our retro motel rooms.



Find your adventure this summer to get the early bird rate for "those in the know" 


Our Story

The Enchanted Journey to Sweet Forest Breeze

They call Cook Forest the enchanted forest. Its unique charm, ancient trees, and tranquil atmosphere are captivating, intriguing, and transformative. We visited friends in the forest three years ago for a weekend getaway. The magic of the emerald moss of the woods cast its spell on us, and we found ourselves returning repeatedly.  

We soon realized we wanted a little weekend cabin to escape the city, unplug, and let our children experience a piece of childhood outside and in nature away from the screens. They get their hands dirty picking up leaves, skipping on trails, and finding frogs to kiss. (no princes yet).


But alas, no cabin was found, so we purchased some land spotted in the desperate hours past midnight on Craig's List, planning to build a little cabin. The lot was adjacent to the old Cook Forest Inn, which had been vacant since the pandemic. We puttered around on our cabin design through the winter of 2021. 

Meanwhile, back in Vowickel, the Inn came up for sale again; Destiny was blinking a neon vacancy sign in our faces. After just 45 minutes of touring the building, we were smitten. We felt it was a diamond in the rough, or more fitting, a rural ruby ready to shine. As we drove away, we felt the universe whispering in our hearts. 

Making it happen required us to leave fear behind, ignore the questions of relatives who didn't understand our why, and put our faith in god, ourselves, and the community. As kids and grandkids of steel workers, we knew the Inn's backbone of concrete and steel could support the hard work ahead. We couldn't wait to unleash our imaginations, gently leading the property out of its 1970s shell into a flourishing gem for the forest. 

Our Vision

Sweet Forest Breeze was born out of the desire to pursue a dream and know that anything was possible in this world. Being responsible, we took a moment to absorb all the worry and consider the worst-case scenarios. Then, we went all in. 


On our first day as the new owners, we felt like a pair of love-bird bohemians in their early twenties, ready to fulfill their God-given potential. After much time, learning, and green paper, Sweet Forest Breeze is open to overnight guests for the 2024 Season!

Our Mission

It comes down to providing a great guest experience, starting with overnight stays, grounds to enjoy, and knowledgeable hosts to help guests make the most out of their time in Cook Forest and all of PA Wilds. We will continue expanding services and partnerships to create unique events, programs, and retro experiences. 


We will measure success by serving those who have always loved PA wilds and drawing new and repeat visitors to the surrounding communities. Each day, we will try to inspire others to connect with their true selves, find forgotten interests, and make memories with family and friends. Join us at Sweet Forest Breeze, where every stay is a new chapter in the enchanting tale of Cook Forest.

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