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Hey, time travelers! Here are the best retro activities in Cook Forest. Are you ready to ditch your smartphones and journey back to the rad vibes of the 1980s?

At Sweet Forest Breeze we're all about a digital detox and a retro chill day.

So, shut down your devices and get ready for a day filled with old-school fun!

Best Retro Day List Volume 1: Cook Forest & Beyond

  1. Rise and Shine: Kick off your day by waking up to natural light streaming through your window. Forget about the phone alarm—you're on vacation! Spend 30 minutes enjoying our complimentary Keurig coffee at your room bistro table or around the grounds. Don't forget to hydrate with some H2O! Cook Forest Retro Day Awaits you.

  1. Pack a Picnic: Channel your inner '80s kid and pack a classic picnic lunch. Load up your mini fridge with PB&J sandwiches, snacks, and refreshing drinks. Pro tip: Our water is fresh and delicious – It's like totally awesome.

  2. Hit the Trails: Lace up your sneakers and hit the trails for a hike through nature. We recommend the Longfellow Trail, where you can marvel at the National Landmark of the Old Cathedral. Cook Forest holds the oldest growth trees in the area. Pine, Hemlock, take your pick. Collect some cool souvenirs along the way, like leaves, rocks, and twigs for craft time later! Check the Uncovering PA blog below for some details!

A hiker on the steps during a walk on the trail.
Longfellow trail

    1. Hiking Through the Majestic Forest Cathedral in Cook Forest State Park - Uncovering PA

  1. Lunch Break at the Log Cabin: Take a trip back in time at the Log Cabin for a nostalgic lunch break. Snag a picnic table and soak in the historic ambiance while you refuel for more adventures.

  2. Siesta Time: Head back to the Inn for a quick siesta or refreshing shower. Wrap yourself in our colorful Kantha quilt – the perfect nap blanket for an afternoon snooze!

  3. Pizza Pit Stop: A little further out from Cook forest for evening activities and the best retro pair. Make your way to Brookville for a taste of the perfect pan pizza at Pizza Hut. It's a blast from the past that'll satisfy your hunger cravings.

    1. Pizza Hut: Pizza & Wings - Delivery & Take Out From 259 Allegheny Blvd

  4. Movie Night at Moon-Lite Theater:  Open since 1952, Finish off your retro getaway with a trip to the drive-in theater at Moon-Lite Theater. Snuggle up in your car and catch a double feature under the stars – just like in the good old days!

    1. Welcome to The Moonlite Drive-In Theatre in Brookville, PA! (

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Walkman, lace up your high-tops, and join us for a totally tubular trip down memory lane at Sweet Forest Breeze , a Cook Forest Inn! Book your stay now and let the nostalgia begin.


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