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Spotlight List Part 1: Happy Shops to love in Cook Forest

Cook forest is coming to life as shops open for the spring season.  Whether you're visiting for the Total Solar Eclipse, Memorial Day weekend or Forest County Big Foot Festival, here are some hot spots that we have personally enjoyed. Plan your shopping adventure and book your getaway today at Sweet Forest Breeze!

These retail therapy spots and vintage boutiques offer a delightful mix of unique finds, impeccable craftsmanship, and a touch of nostalgia. Whether you're a collector, a fashion enthusiast, or simply love exploring vintage and local treasures, these locations provide an unforgettable shopping experience.

Please note that it's always a good idea to check the opening hours and availability of these establishments before visiting. Facebook is the best place to find current season hours.


The Pickle Barrel

This was the first shop recommended to me three years ago during our family's first visit to the area.

Location: 7.3 miles,13867 PA-36

The Pickle Barrel offers fun photo moments, great local items, and handmade crafts. They even have a room dedicated to pickles! Personally, I'm addicted to their bread and butter pickles. During my ventures, I've bought yard decor made from horseshoes, an aromatherapy eye mask, and even pickle-flavored cotton candy!


MacBeths Cabins and Country Store

Fuel up at the gas station, take a selfie in the payphone booth, and grab all the essentials at MacBeths Cabins and Country Store.


Location: 5.8 miles, 15361 PA-36

They have a range of items, including old-fashioned candy sticks (candy cigarettes from my day), tourist T-shirts, and a small playground for kids to enjoy before their ice cream melts.


Evergreen Cabins and Mercantile

Stop by Evergreen Cabins and Mercantile for some sinful sweet treats, wine slushies, or a great selfie with one of their rad chainsaw-carved forest animals.


Location: 7.9 miles, 13278 PA-36

Cook Forest Trading Post

At Cook Forest Trading Post, you'll find a wonderful selection of Minnetonka slippers, shoes, and boots. I once bought the cutest hot pink mocks for my 4-year-old daughter during a mud puddle emergency. They also have other unique footwear options. I snagged a pair of footloose worthy gray suede not suitable for rainy weather - you can spray them with Scott guard to protect them.

Location: 11.1 miles, 10502 PA-36

Further out but fabulous

Pink Flamingos Vintage

If you're looking for a great small vintage boutique, Pink Flamingos Vintage on Main Street in Brookville is the place to go. The owner, Adrianna, has a great eye for vintage fashion and offers a range of merchandise, including purses, jewelry, and dresses. They even have something for the guys to unleash their inner hipster. Personally, I've purchased a glamorous costume ring, a brass purse from India, and a few vintage pins that I just had to have. I'm excited to buy a cocktail dress there in the spring. 1960s, here I come!

Location: 267 Main St. Brookville, PA

Fryburg Old Treasure Antiques

For antique lovers, Fryburg Old Treasure Antiques offers three floors of treasures from various vendors. Visitors from all over the world, even as far as Germany, have found something special here. We've picked up some items for the rooms in the inns, including a long live-edge bench with a white-tailed deer motif and a primitive bench with a Red Fox design. We also bought a classic plaid LL Bean Plaid Blanket for ourselves. Make sure you have at least an hour to explore this amazing store.

Location: 19255 PA-208, Fryburg, PA

Clarion Antique Mall

The Clarion Antique Mall is a well-organized space with a variety of vendors offering everything from antique Victorian jewelry to custom-framed forest prints. You might even spot some of our picks in the rooms or common spaces.

Location: 10403 US-322, Shippenville, PA

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