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Welcome to Sweet Forest Breeze's Blog! Cook Forest Adventures & Beyond

Join Us on this Whimsical Journey!

Embark on an adventure with us, where nature rubs shoulders with modern amenities, retro rustic vibes, and sprawling grounds for relaxation and play. Welcome to Sweet Forest Breeze – more than just a place; it's a memory factory!

Nestled oh-so-conveniently near the breathtaking Cook Forest State Park and Marienville, PA, our haven serves as the ultimate launchpad to explore the wonders of the old-growth forest, scenic trails, rails to trails and Instagram-worthy vistas. We're not just a pitstop; we're your springboard into unforgettable escapades.

Our Cook Forest love story began in March 2021. A weekend of cabin life with friends, our two wild kids, and our adopted heeler mix pup turned into a year-long journey that led us to the quirky charms of the former Cook Forest Inn, now lovingly christened Sweet Forest Breeze. From zero to sixty in the blink of an eye – that's how we roll.

Sweet Forest Breeze is our canvas, and we're painting it with all the vibrant hues of the forest. We're not just hosts; we're forest enthusiasts on a mission to guide fellow adventurers through the seasons of Cook Forest and nearby treasures. Consider this blog your compass for 2024 and beyond!

And what better way to kick off the year than with a hike?

1st Day Hike: COok Trail January 1st 2024

Last-minute decisions, rounding up the kids (the dog drew the short straw this time), and off we went. Soggy and chilly, yes, but we were on a mission. Thanks to the Friends of Cook Forest (, we stumbled upon a trail we'd never tackled before – a kid-friendly 90-minute adventure at Cook Trail near the river.

Around 30 spirited souls joined the trek, including our friends and their tiny explorers. Our guide, a walking encyclopedia of trees and forest tales, kept us entertained. The 1 pm start on New Year's Day was a stroke of genius.

Lessons learned? Pack some water and a snack (we skipped both in our eagerness), and for the love of adventure, wear real hiking shoes. Trust us; it'll save you from a chorus of "I'm thirsty" and "Carry me" on the 45-minute return leg with little ones in tow. Aside from that, we snapped some Insta-worthy photos, made new friends, and burned off those holiday calories. Got a favorite Cook Forest hike? Share it in the comments!

New Year, New Adventures

Stay tuned for more whimsical posts. Our adventure blog will spill the beans on various activities, local haunts, shops, and our own misadventures as we kick off the new year at Sweet Forest Breeze! Forest-side rooms are ready for booking, and we're prepping the Sky-side rooms for their big debut in March. The fun is just getting started. SC 1-8-24

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